Why do I see a CodeChef badge on certain candidates?

What is a CodeChef badge?

CodeChef runs a certification program to assess a test-taker's proficiency in programming using Data Structures and Algorithms in a proctored environment.

When a candidate has passed any one of the 3 levels of the CodeChef Certification Exam On Data Structures and Algorithms, we display a badge on his profile that looks something like this -

There are 3 levels of CodeChef certifications: Foundation, Advanced and Expert. Click on the respective links to read more on the topics that each level test a candidate on.

What is CodeChef?

CodeChef (part of the Directi group) is a top programming platform with 1 million+ users, known for its 10 years of expertise in assessing programmers from across the globe in the subject of Data Structure and Algorithms. The most prestigious competitions like the ICPC India regionals and the Indian Computing Olympiad are held on CodeChef.

Read more about it here.