Why should I be conservative with my "minimum expected CTC"?

When you fill out your profile, you're asked to enter your "Minimum Expected CTC". This is the lowest CTC that you would be comfortable considering joining a company at. Employers include an "Indicat…..

Why am I not getting any interview requests?

Companies that are hiring with us get notified when a new batch of candidates go live. When they find someone that they like, they reach out to them directly. This means that the number of interview …..

How long will I be "live" on TopHire?

Every approved candidate is "live" on the TopHire marketplace for a period of two weeks. Being "live" means you are displayed in search results and employers can initiate interview requests with you …..

What should I expect from my Talent Advocate?

Every approved candidate on the TopHire marketplace is assigned a Talent Advocate. This Talent Advocate is your single point of contact throughout your TopHire journey.The Talent Advocate will help y…..

What are batches?

Candidates are added and removed from the TopHire marketplace in two week long "batches". At the end of each two weeks, the existing batch is removed and a new one is added. This means every two week…..

Why am I being asked if I am CodeChef certified?

How do i know if I am CodeChef certified?CodeChef runs a certification program to assess a test-taker's proficiency in programming using Data Structures and Algorithms in a proctored environment.When…..

Why should I, as a Candidate, use TopHire?

TopHire puts you as the candidate in control. No longer do you have to apply to companies. Top tech and product companies will apply to you. It's the easiest way to get your dream job.You simply fill…..

What roles can I get hired for on TopHire?

TopHire focuses on tech hiring. Currently we're connecting India's best tech and product companies with elite software engineers, product managers, engineering managers, and data scientists.We'll als…..

What does "going live" mean?

When your profile goes live, it becomes visible to companies that are hiring through TopHire. This means companies will be able to view your profile and send you interview requests. You will receive …..

Can I use TopHire in my city?

Currently we're helping employers in the following cities with their tech hiring:BangaloreDelhi NCR (Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida)MumbaiHyderabadChennaiPuneCandidates in the above cities or those willing to…..

What are interview requests?

When an employer wants to start the interview process with you, they send an "interview request".Along with the request they will mention the followingThe role (such as "Product Manager")The expected…..

Why am I required to respond to interview requests within 72 hours?

TopHire was created with the goal of making the hiring and being hired process simpler and faster for both sides. That's only possible if employers act in good faith and candidates act in good faith.…..

Can my current employer see my profile?

Your current employer is automatically blocked from viewing your profile.You can further edit the list of blocked companies to include any sister companies, parent companies, related companies, past …..