Why should I be conservative with my "minimum expected CTC"?

When you fill out your profile, you're asked to enter your "Minimum Expected CTC". This is the lowest CTC that you would be comfortable considering joining a company at. Employers include an "Indicat…..

Why am I not getting any interview requests?

Companies that are hiring with us get notified when a new batch of candidates go live. When they find someone that they like, they reach out to them directly. This means that the number of interview …..

How long will I be "live" on TopHire?

Every approved candidate is "live" on the TopHire marketplace for a period of two weeks. Being "live" means you are displayed in search results and employers can initiate interview requests with you …..

What should I expect from my Talent Advocate?

Every approved candidate on the TopHire marketplace is assigned a Talent Advocate. This Talent Advocate is your single point of contact throughout your TopHire journey.The Talent Advocate will help y…..

What are batches?

Candidates are added and removed from the TopHire marketplace in two week long "batches". At the end of each two weeks, the existing batch is removed and a new one is added. This means every two week…..

Why am I being asked if I am CodeChef certified?

How do i know if I am CodeChef certified?CodeChef runs a certification program to assess a test-taker's proficiency in programming using Data Structures and Algorithms in a proctored environment.When…..

Why should I, as a Candidate, use TopHire?

TopHire puts you as the candidate in control. No longer do you have to apply to companies. Top tech and product companies will apply to you. It's the easiest way to get your dream job.You simply fill…..

What roles can I get hired for on TopHire?

TopHire focuses on tech hiring. Currently we're connecting India's best tech and product companies with elite software engineers, product managers, engineering managers, and data scientists.We'll als…..

What does "going live" mean?

When your profile goes live, it becomes visible to companies that are hiring through TopHire. This means companies will be able to view your profile and send you interview requests. You will receive …..

Can I use TopHire in my city?

Currently we're helping employers in the following cities with their tech hiring:BangaloreDelhi NCR (Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida)MumbaiHyderabadChennaiPuneCandidates in the above cities or those willing to…..

What are interview requests?

When an employer wants to start the interview process with you, they send an "interview request".Along with the request they will mention the followingThe role (such as "Product Manager")The expected…..

Why am I required to respond to interview requests within 72 hours?

TopHire was created with the goal of making the hiring and being hired process simpler and faster for both sides. That's only possible if employers act in good faith and candidates act in good faith.…..

Can my current employer see my profile?

We have an option for hidden companies. All your current and past companies will automatically be added to this. Your profile will not show up for any recruiters from these companies and nor w…..

Which companies are hiring through TopHire?

We have 400+ tech and product companies hiring through us. To name a few we have Swiggy, Truecaller, Go-Jek, DE Shaw, PhonePe, Dunzo, Dream11, CRED, MX Player, Hike, CureFit and more who are active…..

Why was I waitlisted?

At times, we do realize that we do not have enough opportunities to match the skill set of the candidate. We are a candidate centric platform and want to make the process as transparent as possible f…..

What happens if my batch ended, but I did not receive any interview requests?

If you haven't received any interview request while your batch was live, you need not worry as you will still be showcased in our portal (just not in the latest batch) and our team will do everythi…..

Do you think TopHire can provide me a better opportunity than my current company?

Of course. We have leading startups like Dream11, Browserstack, Ola, CRED, CureFit, Dunzo, Khatabook, etc who are hiring actively through our platform. Companies like the one I just mentioned a…..

Why I have got interviews only from early and mid-stage startups?

Some of these earlier stage startups have strong funding from high-end VCs and Angels Investors & also have a rapidly growing product. We highly recommend giving it a shot and interview anyway. We…..

Can I choose when to go live on a batch?

In your candidate profile builder / edit profile section, you pick a “Ready to Interview” date. Pick this “Ready To Interview” date such that: You have brushed up on your programming fun…..

If I haven’t graduated yet, is TopHire for me?

Sign up anyway with us. We’ll take a call when reviewing your profile whether to make your profile live. Note that we make very few freshers live on our platform. Reason being we don’t have too man…..

Are companies hiring during COVID-19? How does the Interview take place during this time?

COVID-19 is a time of great uncertainty. Some companies in sectors such as gaming, edtech, healthcare, etc. are positively affected by COVID-19 while sectors such as marketing, travel, etc. are ne…..

I am passively looking out, what does TopHire suggest I do?

TopHire works well for even if you are passively job seeking. Think of it as a background process where you keep declining any interview requests until something really good comes along your way wh…..

How long does it take to find a job on TopHire?

Recruitment, in general, is a lengthy process often delayed because of poor recruitment processes in companies. At TopHire though one of our team’s main responsibilities is to make sure everyt…..

Why was I sent an interview request, if I was a duplicate for the company?

At TopHire, we only share your contact details with a company once you accept an interview request. When the company receives your contact information, they check it against their records to determ…..

Is TopHire a paid service?

No, Tophire for candidates is a 100% free platform to use. There is literally no upfront or hidden charges at any point in time to get featured for the top tech & product companies. You simply fill…..

Why is it important to submit a resume on TopHire?

Some companies are still old school and insist on having a look at the resume before they decide to move ahead with your profile. The typical workflow for most recruiters is to first read yo…..