Are companies hiring during COVID-19? How does the Interview take place during this time?

COVID-19 is a time of great uncertainty. Some companies in sectors such as gaming, edtech, healthcare, etc. are positively affected by COVID-19 while sectors such as marketing, travel, etc. are negatively affected. Companies that are positively affected continue to raise funds and hire aggressively.

And within the covid-negatively affected companies, we can broadly categorize them into 3 varieties:

  • Continuing to hire at the same pace, because they expect a sharp recovery soon.
  • Pausing hiring & doing a wait-and-watch to see how things recover. They are giving it some time to start seeing early signs of things getting better. At which point they’ll resume hiring.
  • Pausing hiring for the foreseeable future. They are being extra conservative and completely pausing their hiring efforts.
  • Shutting down (Travel companies for e.g. and companies that went bankrupt and so on).

All interviews will take place virtually instead of face to face during this time. And don't worry, most of our clients are onboarding new joinees virtually too!