Why do I see a CodeChef badge on certain candidates?

What is a CodeChef badge?CodeChef runs a certification program to assess a test-taker's proficiency in programming using Data Structures and Algorithms in a proctored environment.When a candidate has…..

How is TopHire different than other recruitment portals?

TopHire makes sourcing of elite tech talent fast and painless.We do this by limiting our talent pool to roughly 500 curated candidates at any given point of time taken from the top 2% of tech talent.…..

What is TopHire's pricing?

You only pay if you successfully hire a candidate and he/she joins your company. There are no setup fees or monthly fees. On a successful hire you will be billed a percentage of the candidate's annua…..

What are batches (For Employers)?

Candidates are added to the TopHire marketplace in two-week long "batches". The candidate is only visible to companies during the period that his batch is live. For example if our batch schedule was:…..

How do you ensure candidates are high quality?

Our team is comprised of some of the best technical sourcers in India. We know where and what to search for when finding elite tech talent. In addition, our CEO graduated with a Computer Science degr…..

What is "Indicative CTC" and why must I include it in my interview requests?

BackgroundWhen employers send an interview request to a candidate they are required to enter a few pieces of informationThe roleThe locationIndicative CTCIntroductory message (optional)What's Indicat…..

What roles can TopHire help me fill?

TopHire focuses on tech hiring. Currently we're connecting India's best tech and product companies with elite software engineers, product managers, engineering managers, and data scientists.We'll als…..

What are some best practices to successfully hire on TopHire?

Complete Your Company Profile Your company profile allows your company to put your best foot forward with candidates. Make sure to fill in all the details and upload photos of your amazing office or …..

How do you guarantee candidates will respond to interview requests within 72 hours?

On TopHire, employers send interview requests to candidates that they wish to be introduced to. The candidate then has 72 hours to either accept or decline the interview request. If there is no respo…..

Why should I as an Employer use TopHire?

TopHire makes it fast and easy to build great tech teams. We give companies access to the top 2% of engineers, product managers, data scientists, and designers. Each candidate approved onto TopHire i…..

How long is each candidate live for on TopHire?

Every approved candidate is "live" on the TopHire marketplace for a period of two weeks. Being "live" means the candidate is displayed in search results and employers can initiate interview requests …..

How do you ensure candidates are open to new opportunities?

No longer waste time contacting candidates who are not open to new opportunitiesOn job portals you often contact candidates that are supposedly "Open" only to get a response back from the supposed ca…..

Can I use TopHire in my city (For Employers)?

Currently we're helping employers in the following cities with their tech hiring:BangaloreDelhi NCR (Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida)MumbaiHyderabadChennaiPune..

What are interview requests (For Employers)?

When you see a candidate that you want to reach out to, you send the candidate an "interview request" to indicate your interest through a click of a button on his profile.You'll be asked to enter som…..