How is TopHire different than other recruitment portals?

TopHire makes sourcing of elite tech talent fast and painless.

We do this by limiting our talent pool to roughly 500 curated candidates at any given point of time taken from the top 2% of tech talent. Other platforms inundate you with thousands of irrelevant or low-quality candidates. We only list the best.

Further these 500 candidates are all

Fresh Candidates. Candidates are only live on TopHire for a maximum of two weeks. Fresh candidates are more engaged and more likely to convert into successful hires because they are early in their search process.

Open to new opportunities. Ever been frustrated when you reach out to candidates and they tell you they forgot to de-activate their profile but have already taken a new offer? That doesn't happen on TopHire. We verify and continuously re-verify that our candidates are open to new opportunities.

We don't stop there. We also make your sourcing easier through the following:

Easy outreach with a single click. On each candidate's profile there is a "Send Interview Request" button. You don't have to chase the candidate by phone or email. Press this button once and sit back. If there's any followup required we take care of it for you.

Guaranteed responses from candidates within 72 hours. Interview requests expire after 72 hours and candidates are required to either accept or decline your interview request within this timeframe. If candidates are unresponsive, we remove them from the platform.

The ease of use of a portal combined with the service level of a consultant. Behind the scenes we're putting in countless hours to source the right candidates, ensure candidates respond to your interview requests, and help with your interview coordination and scheduling. We've combined the best of a recruitment portal with the best of a recruitment consultant.