What are some best practices to successfully hire on TopHire?

Complete Your Company Profile

Your company profile allows your company to put your best foot forward with candidates. Make sure to fill in all the details and upload photos of your amazing office or team!

Send a Personalized Message

With each interview request, you have the opportunity to make a first impression with a personalized message to the candidate. Use that opportunity. Tell the candidate why you're reaching out to him/her. Don't let the candidate feel it's a mass message.

Be First To Each Batch

Our batches last two weeks each. At the end of two weeks, every single candidate is removed from the marketplace and a complete fresh batch of candidates are added. If you're one of the first to reach out to these fresh candidates you have a much greater chance of hiring the candidate.

Be Responsive

Keep candidates warm. Respond to them quickly and you'll keep them interested.

Keep In Touch With Your Account Manager

We're here to help you!