Why am I not getting any interview requests?

Companies that are hiring with us get notified when a new batch of candidates go live. When they find someone that they like, they reach out to them directly. This means that the number of interview requests you receive is dependent on current employer demand.

There are certain things that are in your control though, so ensure you do those well to maximize your chances of getting interview requests.

Things that are in your control:

Add as many tech skills as you can. You are allowed to add 8 tech skills to your profile. Companies search on the basis of these skills. Why not maximise your reach?
Reduce your salary expectations
Make sure every detail in your TopHire candidate profile is filled out as thoroughly as possible.
Update your resume with as much details as possible
Be open to working in more locations
Our data shows that candidates who spend a longer amount of time on making their profile look robust get more interview requests than those who don't.

Make your TopHire profile look great! And feel free to reach out to your Talent Advocate if you need any pointers..