Why am I required to respond to interview requests within 72 hours?

TopHire was created with the goal of making the hiring and being hired process simpler and faster for both sides. That's only possible if employers act in good faith and candidates act in good faith.

What we ask of employers is quite unique: they must provide accurate salary information up-front to you. Employers apply to you. You don't apply to them. And all of this happens in a period of just two weeks shortening your job hunt drastically.

In return, candidates approved onto TopHire are also expected to move with expediency. Therefore, candidate must either accept or decline the company's interview request within 72 hours.

We remove any employers who are not living up to our community standards, likewise we remove candidates who repeatedly do not respond to interview requests within 72 hours.

If you anticipate travelling or otherwise being in a position where you are unable to quickly respond to interview requests, you can ask us to defer your candidacy to the next batch.